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Home page photoDominion Railway Services Ltd. provides railway industry expertise – together with operational and business development support – for rail customers, industrial railways, and short line railways.

We are a small but experienced group of rail professionals who work together with clients to plan and implement rail capacity expansion, develop operational solutions, and support engineering design for expansion or new projects. We provide expertise to those new to or with limited knowledge of the railway industry, and to those with an interest in rail industrial development. Our clients include rail shippers and industrial railway operators from the energy, agricultural, and general merchandise sectors.



After a very successful inaugural launch last year, this event has become Canada’s #1 industrial railway forum for industrial and short line operators, Class 1 operators, regulators, shippers, suppliers, safety training experts, policy makers, academics and economic development representatives.

The 2015 Industrial Railway Safety Conference was packed full of discussion and presentations from the industry’s leading experts with over 200 professionals from across Canada and the United States in attendance.

The 2016 Industrial Railway Safety Conference is a one-day event, held once again in
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta on October 25—an event you won’t want to miss!

Railway safety continues to be a top priority, especially because the movement of goods by rail continues to be the vital backbone of the North American economy. At the 2016 conference you can expect to learn about the most current and best practices in the sector, interact with experts on the regulatory process and safety management systems, gain insight into new technologies and equipment, as well as, find out about safety training resources. Together we can make a difference in improving the overall safety of this important network.

For registration information and sponsorship opportunities visit www.industrialrailwayconference.com.