Dominion Railway Services works closely with several partners in the railway industry. Some of our key alliances provide third party rail services in specific regions of western Canada and the Upper Midwest. In addition to Dominion Railway Services’ provision of planning and development services – if you are in need of railway technical training, industrial development locations, transload services, industrial railway operations, or car storage and repair services – we can help!

Northern Plains Rail Services

Canadian Heartland Training RailwayCanadian Heartland Training Railway Services

Alberta PrairieAlberta Prairie Railway

Alberta Prairie Railway (APR) is a customer-focused short line railway in central Alberta. APR offers rail car storage and switching services for industrial shippers, and serves several agricultural shippers within the Town of Stettler, and between Stettler and Big Valley, Alberta. Alberta Prairie also operates an award-winning tourist railway product during the summer months, complete with seasonal special operations and charters.

Dominion Railway Services is proud to provide operating practices and industrial development services to APR. For further information on APR and its services, contact (403) 742-2811.

Alberta Prairie locomotive