Dominion Railway Services Ltd. (DRS) is an independent Alberta-based company that provides industrial development support, rail facility planning and design, operational and capacity planning, and general rail industry expertise to shippers, railways, and local economic development organizations. DRS has excellent relationships with Class 1 railways, shortline operators, and rail suppliers.

• Since 2012, Dominion Railway Services has worked with many clients throughout western Canada, developing conceptual plans to design new and expand existing industrial rail facilities. We have created operating plans and provided guidance to clients on economic feasibility, practical operations, safety, and productivity.

• Providing rail operations management expertise, and safety management system development in partnership with Canadian Heartland Training Railway Services are key products offered by DRS. In addition, DRS can provide guidance on general industrial transportation and logistics issues, policy matters, and the commercial aspects of shipping by rail.

• We are proud to be engaged in rail development initiatives within the growing industrial area located northeast of Edmonton known as Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. In “the Heartland” – DRS works closely with rail operators, shippers, and economic development officers on rail projects and industrial development.

• Our alliance with Alberta Prairie Railway, Boundary Trail Railway, and Northern Plains Rail Services allows DRS to contribute to the ongoing management of operations in the North American rail industry, ensuring that our expertise remains current and relevant to our clients. Further, our business alliances provide our customers with access to suppliers of high-quality operational services for car repair, locomotive supply, and industrial railway operations management.

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The railroaders at Dominion Railway Services have extensive experience in:

  • Management and operation of Class 1 railways, both over the road and in yards and terminals.
  • Transportation and network management at Class 1 railways.
  • Rail network planning and capacity expansion
  • Industrial development planning and expansion work with third parties and customers.
  • Short-line and regional railway operations and management
  • Railway business development and marketing
  • Railway operating practices, safety management, operational audits, and education
  • Transportation supply chain study, evaluation, and planning
  • Transportation marketing and sales approaches
  • Market development
  • Economic research and analysis.