OVERVIEW - Alberta's Industrial Heartland Initiatives

What you need to know

We are proud to be engaged in rail development initiatives within the growing industrial area located northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, known as Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. Over the past several decades, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland has grown into Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region and is home to over 40 companies in a variety of sectors.

While being involved with various rail projects and industrial development within “the Heartland”, Dominion Railway Services works closely with:

  • Rail Operators
  • Rail Shippers
  • Economic Development Officers

Why Choose Us?

We are a small but experienced group of rail professionals who work together with clients to plan and implement rail capacity expansion, develop operational solutions, and support engineering design for expansion or new projects. We provide expertise to those new to or with limited knowledge of the railway industry, and to those with an interest in rail industrial development. 

We have extensive experience in:

  • Management and operation of Class 1 railways, both over the road and in yards and terminals
  • Transportation and network management at Class 1 railways
  • Rail network planning and capacity expansion
  • Industrial development planning and expansion work with third parties and customers
  • Shortline and regional railway operations and management
  • Railway business development and marketing
  • Railway operating practices, safety management, operational audits, and education
  • Transportation supply chain study, evaluation, and planning
  • Transportation marketing and sales approaches
  • Market development and economic research and analysis
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Projects in the field

Industrial Operations

DRS provided the conceptual track design for Phase 1, together with an operating plan and comprehensive project management services for Alberta Midland Railway Terminal.

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Industrial Operations

Shortline Operations

DRS developed a rail interchange and operating plan, and operational risk assessment together with Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary Trail Railway Company.

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Shortline Operations